Wetsuit Access Zipper (Tailoring Services)


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Tailoring services for adding wetsuit access zippers to an existing neoprene suit. Just ship your suit to the greater Boston area (address will be emailed to you after check-out) and we’ll take care of the rest. Free return shipping anywhere in the United States.

Zips are 5mm YKK Vislons and come with dual zip guards for each side. Zippers are currently glued, not blind-stiched. The standard cut size is 8.5” up the front and 7.5” up the back for medium-sized. +1” for large, +2” for XL and -1” for small. You can include buyer notes through PayPal for custom cut sizes.



  1. Mailing Address. After checkout, the mailing address will be included in the same email as the order confirmation. Check your spam folder if you can’t find your order receipt.
  2. Wash Suit. Please wash any used suits before sending! Neoprene glues stick best without oils present.
  3. Pack & Ship. Pack your suit securely, but not too tightly. Orders are usually sent back in 1-2 weeks after receipt.

Currently only accepting U.S. orders on our website. Message us directly for international orders.

Zipper Length

Front-to-Back, Front Only

Zipper Style

1-Way, 2-Way Standard, 2-Way Reversed, 3-Way Standard, 3-Way Reversed, 4-Way